BashPodder: It Doesn’t Get Lighter Than This

I love this Linux podcast software. Weighing in at a total of 1.6KB, Bashpodder is made up of a single script, an XML file and a configuration file containing nothing but your podcast URLs. Best of all, on a standard Ubuntu setup you won’t need to install a single dependency to get it working.

BashPodder comes with no GUI, but if you’re generally afraid of command-line programs don’t worry: this program simply couldn’t be any easier to use.
To start off head over the the Bashpodder website and download the three files necessary for the program.
Or enter:

Put all these files into the same folder on the drive you want your podcasts to be downloaded to. Open the file called “bp.conf“ and you’ll see a list of podcast feeds. Delete anything you’re not interested in and add the feeds you are interested in.

Now you need to make the file ““ executable, using the command line if you know how. Alternatively, on Gnome-based systems such as Ubuntu, you can right-click the file, then click “Properties,” then click the “Permissions” tab. Click the “Allow Executing file as Program” button and you’re good to go.

Run the script from the command line, if you know how, or alternatively simply double-click the file “” and then click “Run Program in Terminal.” Bashpodder will now download every file from all the feeds you just added.

The BashPodder Script is simple but very effective. Basically it downloads every file linked to by a given RSS feed, leaving the names of the file in a log called “podcast.log”. Next time you run BashPodder, none of the files in podcast.log will be downloaded, meaning it will only download new content.

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