How to Use the Slideshow in WordPress Constructor Theme

I have mentioned previously that I have been doing some work with the Constructor Theme for WordPress. Unfortunately there is little helpful documentation out there in the form of ‘how to’ tutorials in relation to the Constructor Theme.

A common question appears to be how to get the slideshow option in the Constructor Theme to work. Here is a quick guide using the NextGen-Gallery Plugin.

   1. Install and activate the Constructor Theme (i.e. Constructor must be your WordPress ‘Current’ theme).
   2. Install and activate the NextGEN-Gallery WordPress plugin.
   3. Download ‘JW Image Rotator‘ to your computer and unzip.
   4. Copy imagerotator.swf from the unzipped ‘JW Image Rotator’ to the nextgen-gallery folder on your WordPress install/server (this will be under the ‘plugins’ folder).
   5. Go to Options in the Gallery menu of WordPress.
   6. Click the Slideshow tab.
   7. Click Search now >> to the right of the ‘Path to the Imagerotator (URL):’ field.
   8. Wait until the path is filled for you in the ‘Path to the Imagerotator (URL):’ field. and click Save Changes at the bottom of the Window.
   9. Create/Add a Gallery with some images/photos (David Potter has a handy guide).
  10. Go to Appearance – Customize then the Slideshow tab
  11. Ensure the following:

    * Enable Slideshow is checked
    * At least one of the Options is checked (i.e. either/both Show on page and/or Show on single post).
    * You click/select the Gallery you created in NextGen at the end of the Window to the right of Slideshow
    * You ‘Save Changes’

Your slideshow will now appear on pages and/or posts (depending which you selected in the Constructor Theme Slideshow options.