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The IRMan receiver plugs into any free serial port. The internal port on a RISC PC or A7000 will work perfectly, in fact it should work on any Acorn machine with the 710 serial chip (A5000 or newer). It may work on the old A310/4x0/3000 machines, but this is untested. The RISC OS software supports the serial blockdrivers, so the interface will function on a high-speed serial card, eg the Atomwide sp_dual.

The IRMan then responds to any valid IR remote control code it receives, and sends it to the host computer. Virtually all infra-red remote controls are suitable, and we would recommend the use of one of the pre-programmed universal remotes, for example the "One-4-All", set to an unused code.


The IRMan RISC OS software provides a means for new and existing RISC OS applications to use infra-red remote control. When a valid code is received, the driver broadcasts a Wimp message. Any application that wants to support infra-red needs only to listen out for this message. Full details of this are provided with the software.

Please don't try to access the IRMan receiver directly. The Squirrel Solutions driver has been designed to allow multiple applications to use the IR facility. An application directly accessing the IRMan will prevent this being possible.

Other supported hardware

The IRMan driver software also works with the IRA (Infra-Red Adaptor), available from Home Electro. This has been tested by us, and proved to work. Thanks to Justin Fletcher for bringing this to our attention.

The software should also work with any other infra-red receiver which claims to be “IRMan compatible”. Several of these are beginning to appear on the market - if you have one of these compatible devices and can verify that it works with our IRMan software, please let us know.

Download the IRMan software:
Previous version(s):
Version 1.01 is kept for historical reasons only, and should not be used!


Software supporting the IR protocol

A list of software follows which is known to support the IRMan. If you know of any other software, or have written any new applications, please let us know so we can keep this list up to date.

Name Author Description Web site/Download
IRStatus Squirrel Solutions Infra-red status monitor. Comes with the IRMan driver. Download
IRBlanker Squirrel Solutions Activate the screen blanker with your remote control. Download