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video calling

Videocalling has been a Microsoft bastion for a long time by means of Skype for Windows, Apple and Android and, with askype ex few audio hickups, Linux.

Today, more and more applications are coming to Linux.


HangoutsGoogle released the new "Hangout" app for ALL platforms and is is easy to install and does no longer need to run Google+.
The only requirement is a Google/GMail account. As a bonus Hangouts offers Remote Desktop sharing & control as well! Check it out!


webrtcA build-in addition for Mozilla Forefox starting at Firefox version 35:
Easy to use, no install necessary: Start Firefox, Click on Hello icon and let someone know, by email, that you're waiting. Check it out!

The protocol used is WebRTC, a free and open project that enables web browsers with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple JavaScript APIs.


Another easy one, but might be retracted by Google in the future in favour of "Hangouts"
Create (if you have'nt done so already) a Google+ account, log into your GMail and off you go.
Works best in Firefox and Chromium (Although the latter automatically wants to run "hangouts" if installed) At the first start, Linux user are presented with the possibility to install the google-talk-plugin.
Just choose 32 or 64 bit.