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yEd Graph Editor v 3.XX

Nieuwe update naar v. 3.13

yED big imageyED wordt nu geleverd met een aantal libraries in de submap /lib
Download hier, pak het bestand uit en kopieer de inhoud naar de (bestaande) yEd map (en overschtijf eventueel de bestaande versie)
Teneinde yEd weer bruikbaar te maken dient de executable bit gezet te worden:  type vanuit de yEd map in een terminal:

sudo chmod +x yed.jar
sudo chmod +x lib/*.jar

yEd 3.13 - Changes Since 3.12.2

New Features

  • New support for multi-parents in the Directed tree layout algorithm.
    This enhancement to the Directed tree layout automatically recognizes and then arranges side-by-side multiple parents of a node, a structural configuration that normally is not allowed in a tree structure.
  • The JREs that are installed by the Windows and Linux installers have been updated to Java 8.
    Note: Since Java 8 is not supported on Windows XP, XP users should download a yEd installer without JRE.
  • On Mac OS X, yEd now uses its own embedded Java 7 JRE.
    Note: Since Java 7 requires Mac OS X 10.7 at least, users of earlier OS X versions should download the yEd Zip archive.
  • New support in the Properties Mapper dialog to import and export configurations. [Q&A 4848], [Q&A 3747], [Q&A 3575]


  • Enhanced the support for non-tree graphs in the tree layout algorithms. Non-tree graphs are automatically accepted and appropriately handled.
  • Added support for importing JPEG image files using CMYK or YCbCr color models into the palette. [Q&A 2491]
  • Improved browser selection mechanism on Linux systems that takes into account a user's default browser configuration. [Q&A 4659]
  • The GEDCOM import additionally supports an alternative, simpler node visualization style.
  • Updated IconFinder communication using new request parameters.
  • Made the error reporting tool more robust.
  • Added sample graphs for the radial layout and the multi-parent support in the Directed tree layout algorithm.
  • The Mac installer now provides a true Mac drag-and-drop installation experience.
  • Several smaller improvements to the application's user interface (text in dialogs).


  • Addressed the java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: at apple.awt.CWindow.displayChanged issue on multi-monitor Mac systems running Apple Java SE 6.
  • Many other bug fixes as well.


Java Graph Editor Application gets a major update

yworks is proud to announce immediate availability of yed graph editor version 3.12, the new release of its versatile diagramming application that can be used to easily create, view, and layout diagrams and networks.

Working with multiple graphs simultaneously

New Features

Version 3.2 adds exciting new features, like an Adobe® Flash® Player-based export option that enables export of graphs to standard GraphML format together with a wrapping HTML page and a SWF file.
A new "Current Elements" section in the Palette tool window dynamically presents the current kinds of nodes and edges from the displayed graph.
Also, new configuration options for graph editing are available.

yEd makes full use of the yfiles graph visualization library. It exhibits many of the features available in this outstanding Java class library which features analysis, automatic layout, and visualization of diagrams, networks, and graphs.

download yed version 3.2 now and experience world-class diagramming for yourself!

About yWorks

yworks specializes in professional software solutions for the visualization of diagrams and graphs. Our yFiles product family offers high-quality diagramming for Java and .NET applications as well as for browser applications based on Adobe™ Flex™ or AJAX technology.
The extensive yfiles java class library and the .NET class libraries yfiles.net and yfiles wpf deliver state-of-the-art component technology which can easily be integrated into Java applications, servlets, and applets, and Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications, respectively.
Our web products yfiles flex and yfiles ajax are a perfect fit for web-based diagramming applications that use state-of-the art web technologies.